About us

The Pensonic Group was founded in 1965 as Keat Radio and Electrical Co. in Balik Pulau, Penang. From this humble origin as a small retailer cum workshop for electrical home appliances, Keat Radio and Electrical Co. grew under the leadership of its founder, Dato’ Seri Chew Weng Khak into the present day conglomerate.

The name ‘Pensonic’ is a tribute to the founder Dato’ Seri Chew’s beloved home state Penang while ‘sonic’ is an audible reminder of the company’s roots in selling radios! ‘Pensonic’ is also synonymous with the phrase ‘Sound of Penang’. Not only is Pensonic the pride of Penang, its headquarters has also remained in the Pearl of the Orient.

In 1982, the Pensonic Group began importing and assembling the first batch of audio and visual products under the Pensonic brand. Pensonic was registered as a trademark in Malaysia in 1984 and is now registered in more than 20 countries, thus laying the foundation for global expansion. In 1988, the Pensonic Group commenced manufacturing and marketing of Electrical Home Appliances under the Pensonic brand.